Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
1/10 Cap Janet
Adoma ; 3 800 m2 ; Concours 2020 ; Équipe : CAPS/Gambetta Immobilier (MOA) + Bouygues Contruction (Mandataire) + VLAU + Gilles Meffre architecture (Architectes)
Creates shared spaces protected from the mistral wind.

Overlooking the azure Mediterranean coastline yet besieged by the Mistral, Cap Janet is a strategic high point in the northern quarters of Marseille. This social housing building is the bow of this district baring towards the sea. However, for the moment, pedestrian access is impossible due to the port infrastructure which occupies the shore.

From 2022, The Cap Janet site will be completely redeveloped in a project led by the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) and which should concentrate international maritime traffic into one location.

Under the impetus of this large-scale urban transformation, the Cap Janet district is being reimagined, albeit retaining strong traces of its past. The new residence will maintain the same plan as the old, while incorporating the vertical lines of the structure to be in harmony with the site and the location.

The outer skin of the building will be in stone: robust and durable. This shell will protect the homes of the interior from direct sunlight and help reduce noise. The folding shape of the outer walls will play a central role in the bioclimatic concept of the building, designed and oriented in concert with its exposure to the sun. As light touches each façade – and points of view change – a play of shadow and light will be created.

The heart of the project is designed around a courtyard protected from wind and sun which will offer residents an island of freshness and a communal meeting place. The design of the interior facades complements this, forming a system of passageways and creating intimate access to the homes.

2/10 Cap Janet
Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
3/10 Cap Janet
Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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Cap Janet - Vincent Lavergne
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