Page d’accueil - Vincent Lavergne
Mucem - Vincent Lavergne
Villa Doma - Vincent Lavergne
Villa Doma
Amsterdam - Vincent Lavergne
Au coeur de la Gare Saint-Lazare, nous avons inauguré la première pension de famille du 8ème arrondissement.
Rue d’Amsterdam - Vincent Lavergne

Inauguration of the first boarding house in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Rue d’Amsterdam - Vincent Lavergne
Rue d’Amsterdam
Inauguration of the first boarding house in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
Metropolitan - Vincent Lavergne
Illu Tour watt - Vincent Lavergne

The Watt Tower, rehabilitation, elevation, and extension, delivered in 2021, as seen by Camille Aguilera, illustrator.

Bonne année 2023 - Vincent Lavergne
The METROPOLITAN - A development of 283 homes and shops in the town of Rosny-sous-Bois, where concrete was replaced by biologically and geologically sourced materials such as stone and wood.


Inauguration du Metropolitan, Rosny sous bois - Vincent Lavergne

Inauguration du Metropolitan, Rosny sous bois

TRAITS URBAINS - Vincent Lavergne

• Vincent Lavergne, founding architect of Vincent Lavergne Architecture Urbanisme was one of 100 actors invested in the transformation of the city from micro to the micro scale as part of the INNOVAPRESSE 2022 edition. The interview is available in issue 130/131 of Traits Urbain.

ce que fait la maquette - Vincent Lavergne

What the model does with architecture #2 The model of the head office of the National Forestry Office is displayed at the Maison de l'Architecture, Île de France, during National Architecture Day.

archistorm ONF - Vincent Lavergne

The new headquarters of the National Forestry Office featured on the cover of the latest issue of Archistorm#116.

ONF office Headquarters - Vincent Lavergne
ONF office Headquarters
How to articulate social progress and ecological transition? - Vincent Lavergne
How to articulate social progress and ecological transition?
old pic 2 - Vincent Lavergne
Archistorm N°113 - Vincent Lavergne
Archistorm N°113
A focus on the challenges of the transformation of the former Tour du Loiret.
Watt tower - Vincent Lavergne
Watt tower
Vincent Lavergne presents the project for the rehabilitation, elevation and extension of the Watt Tower, as part of Building Energy and Environment day, at the Palais Brongniart. #enerjmeeting


bourse du commerce - Vincent Lavergne
MIPIM 2022 - Vincent Lavergne

MIPIM 2022


Grands moulins - Vincent Lavergne
Grands moulins
carto moulin - Vincent Lavergne
Presentation to the inhabitants of Corbeil-Essonnes the project of Les Moulins and its transformative potential. - Vincent Lavergne
Presentation to the inhabitants of Corbeil-Essonnes the project of Les Moulins and its transformative potential.
The transformation of the Grands Moulins is an opportunity for the city centre of Corbeil-Essonnes to reinvent its relationship with the Seine and Essonne rivers, creating a narrative around its medieval, industrial and natural heritage while undergoeing an ecological transition.


moulins dessins - Vincent Lavergne
pandémie - Vincent Lavergne
RTE Headquarters - Vincent Lavergne
RTE Headquarters
barcelona - Vincent Lavergne

Ilot Barcelonais / Ilot Phare: Creating multi-faceted urban identity adapted to new ways of life and uses, linked to the geographical and climatic conditions of Mediterranean cities.

AMI - Vincent Lavergne
nolli - Vincent Lavergne

Giambattista Nolli et Giovanni Battista Piranesi ; Plan de Rome ; 1748

cible - Vincent Lavergne
URBATECTURA - Vincent Lavergne
Urbatectura - Vincent Lavergne
The French Institute and the VLAU agency present URBATECTURA / Concrete solutions for a resilient city, a travelling exhibition between Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Valencia [June to November 2021]


book estandar - Vincent Lavergne

Portfolio of the VLAU agency; selected pieces 2016-2021; produced by the Spanish graphic studio ESTANDAR.

Faces - Vincent Lavergne

The "TEP Menilmontant" mixed block project, in the 11th arrondissement, cited in an article by Eliza Culea-Hong "Neither here nor elsewhere?" FACES n°79, summer 2021.

l’homme et la machine - Vincent Lavergne

The city is a living organism, like the human body.

Olympic Media village – Paris Olympics 2024 - Vincent Lavergne
Olympic Media village – Paris Olympics 2024
urbatectura sponso - Vincent Lavergne
old pic 1 - Vincent Lavergne
Commune tower - Vincent Lavergne
Commune tower
Cap Pinède - Vincent Lavergne
Cap Pinède
Paris Puces - Vincent Lavergne
Paris Puces
Porte de Clignancourt - Vincent Lavergne
A century ago, tens of thousands of women and men left the French countryside to settle in the city. New forms of living are being invented, including collective and social housing. In Paris, everyone must find their place. An extract from the preface to the Paris Habitat exhibition catalogue. Ian Brossat.


Ménilmontant - Vincent Lavergne
arsenal habiter mieux - Vincent Lavergne
“Today, new housing designs are being invented in Paris. These collective buildings, whether recently delivered or still in planning, explore new urban situations and question traditional forms of housing or its production. Some use low-carbon construction strategies, others anticipate the lifestyles of tomorrow or question the very notion of property."


arsenal habiter mieux 2 - Vincent Lavergne

A conference during the exhibition "Living more, living better" at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, April 2018

mexico - Vincent Lavergne
"City and society". The city as a common cultural construction: between material and immaterial.


institut francais - Vincent Lavergne
2012 /
Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes (AJAP)
Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes (PJU)


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